The distillation plant heats the seawater to water vapor

A source told the website that the friend supposedly charged”tens of thousands of dollars in designer clothes” to the 32 year old’s credit card that Kardashian never saw. Additionally, Kardashian reportedly believes the friend hoarded high end freebies sent over by designers that were never turned over to the star.TMZ reports that Kardashian is still considering legal action, but her friends are reportedly urging her not to sue since it would ruin the friend’s career. If the friend is indeed Rose,the allegations would be pretty damning to her stylist career.The site doesn’t name the friend, but mentions that Kardashian once considered the pal to be “part of her family,” a big clue the website is referencing the stylist.When Page Six wrote about Kardashian’s”dramatic split” from Rose at the beginning of May, the outlet claimedKardashian wanted to sue over the circumstances that ended their working relationship.

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