But the person responsible for bringing those chains has

The Nigerian artist transcending barriers

Born in 1975 in Lagos, artist Peju Alatise was raised within a traditional family and says she originally encountered opposition to her chosen career canadian goose jacket [Adeola Olagunju/Al Jazeera]

canada goose outlet us Lagos, Nigeria Peju Alatise is in Canada Goose online a bad mood. It’s a Monday morning and she canada goose coats on sale is charging Canada Goose Outlet around her outdoor workspace, essentially the front garden of her home, directing her assistants. canada goose outlet us

She is currently working on a sculptural piece, which requires suspension on chains. But the person responsible for bringing those chains has failed to show up and has called to give Peju excuses that she finds infuriating.

canada goose outlet seattle “He was uk canada goose supposed to buy them on Saturday,” she complains. “My whole Monday is wasted.” canada goose outlet seattle

The Canada Goose Outlet artist is in the middle of wrapping up a few projects before leaving Nigeria for a prestigious residency in the United States, hence the hurried footsteps around the two storey home that doubles up as her studio.

In a crescent Canada Goose sale of identical canada goose factory sale beige houses within Lekki, a middle class suburb of Lagos, Peju’s house stands out. A giant mask adorns the front canada goose black friday sale of the building a metal sculpture of a woman with tribal marks.

The house itself could be seen as a metaphor for the Nigerian artist in her homeland. “I can’t do what everyone else is doing,” Peju states matter of factly.

canada goose outlet toronto location Despite her non conformist stance in a country that is sometimes intolerant of difference, Peju admits that her early life was similar to many middle children. “My parents were hard disciplinarian type[s]. The older ones had it very rough. https://www.scrubsuniforms.ca So for me it was more about blending in with everything [and] trying not to get into trouble.” canada goose outlet toronto location

Questioning the status quo

canada goose outlet usa Born canada goose clearance in 1975 in the Nigerian city Lagos, Peju and her seven siblings were raised within a fairly traditional Muslim family. Her younger brother Layi recalls how his siblings would often grapple with their father’s religiosity. canada goose outlet usa

canada goose kensington parka uk He says Peju in particular would clash with him and other adults on topics ranging from philosophical approaches to life, to politics and religious beliefs. canada goose kensington parka uk

canada goose outlet london uk A young Peju was also shaped by her observations on the role of women in Nigerian society, increasingly questioning the status quo. canada goose outlet london uk

canada goose jacket outlet store The artist originally faced opposition to her chosen career. Her father saw art as a waste of time, preferring that his daughter pursue what he perceived as a more economically stable profession. “Two years before he died, he had a change of heart,” she recalls. “It’s funny how I could be so independent and think that I am so confident but still need my father’s approval.” canada goose jacket outlet store

canada goose parka uk Her mother, on the other hand, provided unwavering support, which Peju attributes to an canada goose coats encounter with a spiritualist who foresaw fame in her daughter’s future. He claimed that art would take Peju all over the world and canada goose uk outlet it would earn her “different currencies”. “My mum was like, “Ah, she’s going to be rich!” Peju laughs. canada goose parka uk

canada goose outlet real She chose to train as an architect at university and she cherishes that time to this day. “Architecture teaches you how to see,” Peju explains. “[It] got me really disciplined. With architecture you work with time, you work with very tangible ideas. Architecture actually teaches a method of thinking that I don’t regret. It’s very logical, and I approach life canada goose uk shop that way.” canada goose outlet real

But Peju is adamant that she didn’t “become” an artist. “I never got into art, I was always an artist. I always loved to paint, I always loved canada goose store to draw and make things. My interest was always in being creative.”

canada goose outlet germany READ MORE: I remember the day I designed the Nigerian flag canada goose outlet germany

canada goose outlet black friday sale It was, however, only after seeing an canada goose uk black friday exhibition in Lagos by Nigerian artist David Dale, that a 15 year old Peju realised that art was a viable profession. “I thought people were just born creative and it was just an existence. I thought it’s like being born tall or short until I went to a gallery and then I saw people sell [art]. I was really surprised.” canada goose outlet black friday sale

canada goose factory outlet vancouver This realisation planted a seed, and soon Canada Goose Parka after that exhibition she began her informal education in the craft. Peju would visit Dale’s studio on mainland Lagos during her school holidays to see pieces in progress and watch his studio assistants at work. “It was such a mess, but it was [a] glorious mess,” she gushes. canada goose factory outlet vancouver

Peju would also regularly visit Jakande, a crafts market in Lagos, where she would spend time with the artisans sculpting objects, painting and piecing together jewellery. buy canada goose jacket cheap This community of creatives Canada Goose Coats On Sale provided her training, canada goose she says.

canada goose outlet price The installations she creates today using materials such as cloth, beads, wood, cement and resin are a departure from her early technically skilled paintings. Peju remembers how this transition canada goose clearance sale was originally rejected by what she describes as cheap Canada Goose a self appointed pseudo intellectual art elite in Nigeria. She was advised by well known Nigerian art curators to “stick to painting”, she says. canada goose outlet price

But, today, her interdisciplinary work has garnered attention on a global stage. Bomi Odufunade, director of cheap canada goose uk global art advisory Dash Rallo, describes her conceptual practice, drawing on symbolism and literature, as “very unique”.

canada goose outlet factory She buy canada goose jacket is part of a growing number of African artists who are “finding much more interesting and diverse ways of talking about something,” Bomi says. canada goose outlet factory

canada goose outlet locations in toronto ‘Nigeria brings out the beast in me’ canada goose outlet locations in toronto

canada goose outlet england This growing recognition within the global art world has translated into increasing demand for her work internationally. canada goose outlet england

canada goose jacket outlet According to Giles Peppiatt, the director of Contemporary African Art at British auction house Bonhams, her pieces are well received at their sales. He refers to her triptych High Horses, uk canada goose outlet which explores the societal notion that women are predestined to be mothers and wives. Comprising three sculptures of women sitting on pedestals, faces obscured by vibrantly patterned cloths draped over their heads, it fetched more than 30,000 ($37,954) at auction. canada goose jacket outlet

canada goose outlet washington dc Peju was selected to become the 2016 fellow at the Smithsonian Institute of African Art, which allowed her to explore the history and performance of an ancestral Yoruba masquerade a festival originating from southwest Nigeria. canada goose outlet washington dc

canada goose outlet legit READ MORE: A day in the life of. a house girl canada goose outlet legit

canada goose outlet in montreal She has been heavily influenced by her ethnicity with references to Yoruba mythology commonly found in her work canada goose outlet in montreal.

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